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The page that went from playing, to Beetlejuice, to Alice in Wonderland – let me (try) explain

I know I said here that sometimes there are no explainations, but I really feel I ought to try.   

 Ok so tonight started out like usual, playing with paint in my journal. Tonight I was going to try to limit my colour pallette and stick to a few colours. I started out well with my Golden gesso for white, and Golden carbon black and azurite. I thought the page was interesting but needed something. I found my Catalyst tools and started playing. Then I added Windsor & Newton deep turquoise and Pebeo cadmium green. And some Golden fluid acrylic in hansa yellow. And kept going with the Catalyst tool. It was fun.  

 Then, I added the text.  

 And it didn’t quite look right like the flower stems so. It really, really, really reminded me of something. Took me a minute to figure it out. Sandworms. Specifially, the sandworms from the Beetlejuice cartoon. And then the theme song started playing in my head. I really didn’t want that every time I looked at this page – it’s supposed to be all about the texture tonight! So I added the red. 

 It’s a mix of alizarin Crimson and Naphthol Crimson (Luliquitex professional). But, again. Not right. This time all I could think of was, “we’re painting the roses red…” and “who’s been painting my roses red…” and “OFF WITH HER HEAD!” 

 So there it is. I can never not think about these things when I look at this page now. The thoughts were planted and even if I were to cover it and redo the page, I’d know. And, honestly? If it made me laugh, why would I do that? 



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