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Experimental Journal Page Materials

Today I played around with colour and texture in my art journal. It was all about experimenting today. 

 I bought new fluid acrylics and wanted to test them out.  

 So I bought the Artist Loft brand to test them out. They were super cheap, $2.99 a bottle, so I figured, why not? And they do the job. They put colour down on the page and, it is fluid. Obviously, there is a big difference in the way they work compared to the Golden fluid acrylics. The Golden fluid acrylics flowed nicely across the page and mixed well with water. The Artist Loft brand left little blobs of paint on the page and didn’t mix well.  

 Would I buy them again? Probably, yes. After all, they do work and look nice. I just need to be aware of the shortcomings and account for that in my paintings. I however, loved, loved, loved the Golden fluid acrylics. They mixed well and flowed easily on the page even though I hadn’t primed it with gesso.  

 Materials Used:

  • Golden fluid acrylics: fluorescent blue and hansa yellow
  • Artists Loft fluid acrylics: Naphthol red and dioxazine purple
  • Ranger archival ink
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink – walnut stain
  • Art C black molding paste
  • Prima Finnabair net & Wire stamps
  • Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz perspective stamps
  • The Crafters Workshop mini bubble doily stencil



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