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Collage Art Journaling – creativity takes courage

Here is the link to today’s art. 

 I will not lie, I did most of this page last night when I did the birch panels (which have totally transformed, more on that in a sec!). I pieced on a lot of the little scraps of leftover papers that were to small to keep but my hoarding side wanted to save using Golden matte medium as a glue. I then soaked up a lot of the paint and ink drips from last night’s art on top of the paper. It made for some interesting effects.  

 I then spread some gesso with a pallette knife over the page. I wanted a streaky look and I think it turned out great. Some of the paints were still wet so the gesso absorbed some of the colour which helped blend it in a bit. 

So today, I didn’t do much. I added the cheese cloth and key, and the quote. I 

 I dyed the underlayer of cheesecloth with a bit of Dylusions Dirty Martini green and the middle piece with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo spray. The key is a canvas embellishment I got a Michaels. I think it’s by MSPCI (sorry, no name brand on it, the pack it came in was in the $1.50 bin). 

 The quote is a Tim Holtz idea-ology small talk quote. I like a lot of the quotes in this pack but this one spoke to me. It took courage to begin this project, this 366 Days of Art project I mean, and I’m glad I did it. My creativity has grown, I think, and I feel so much better flexing my creative muscles in this way. And I feel happier. It’s not a chore, this project, it’s a pleasure. It’s a way of getting me out of my own head, a way of relaxing after the day, my destress time. I cannot imagine my day without it now.  

So this morning I didn’t just work on the journal page. I worked on the panels from last night. After I took all the pictures and posted everything for last night’s art, I set about on the second step. It was a little scary, what if I ruined everything? But that’s good. Art should be scary sometimes! Taking chances is a big part of growing as an artist, and this was a big chance! 

 Last night I coated the panels with a thick coat of gel medium to dull the panels and get a foggy top coat. This morning, the panels were drier but, I could tell that I didn’t put a thick enough coat on, so I added a second layer. 

 It’s still a little scary but exhilarating as well. I’m excited to get them completed and I’m excited to see how the panels turn out. It’s probably going to take a couple days to dry but, as soon as they do, I’ll update. I’ll hopefully have the last step done then too. 

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