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Pensive Journaling Materials

Here is the link for today’s journaling.  

 The reason for the name, Pensive Journaling, is I’m in a rather introspective mood. I’m trying very hard to let go of the anger I’ve carried today and, in letting go, I’m thinking a lot about a lot of things. Mainly, what am I doing? And that requires a lot of deep, introspective thoughts.  

So here we are. 

 I also finished the page from the weekend. I added part of Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken. I read this as a kid and it’s stuck with me ever since (this one and the variations of the Road poem from The Lord of the Rings). They help calm my mind and I find myself repeating them when I’m thinking. 

Materials Used: 

  • Golden Gesso
  • Golden Acrylic Paints: carbon black, cadmium yellow light, quinacridone magenta, manganese blue, ultramarine violet


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