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Flower Power Process

Today’s page actually was quick and easy. A cool background with a black and white flower pop in the foreground. Didn’t clutter it up to much, just some simple paint splatters with the paint pen for extra dimension.  

  I started with a light spread of Liquitex basics acrylic in leached titanium as the base colour. That way, any of the page that shows through would not be stark white.  
 Then I mixed up dioxazine purple and primary red to make the bottom. I added them both in layers as well for extra dimension. For the top I used cerulean blue and phthalocyanine blue. As I was spreading the blues, the Reds from the bottom, which weren’t dry, spread and mixed in a bit. It created a cool effect.  

 For the flower, I outlined it in both the Sharpie paint pen and the Faber-Castell Pitt pen. It was painted in with a tiny bit of titanium white and ivory black Liquitex acrylic paints. The stem was done in the Sharpie and Pitt pens. I added some splatters with the Sharpie and it was done 


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