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Gold Doily Birch Panel Painting

Oh the gold. So, so gorgeous.  

 Today’s piece is just mouthwateringly delicious. The colours are vibrant and rich. That gold! I just love it.  

So to make today’s piece, I started with a 8″ X 8″ birch panel from The Paint Spot. I love these panels because they’re solid. You can push the paint into them as hard as you want and it’s not going to move. I gessoed the panel with 2 thick coats then started adding paint. I used the Holbein’s acrylic  Prussian Blue and Pebeo iridescent blue black as a base. I then added more layers with Golden’s manganese blue, ultramarine violet, and Liqutex light blue. 

After it was done drying, I used the Golden molding paste through an Americana doily stencil and liberally coated the paste (while still wet) with Stampendous aged gold embossing enamel. I had to wait a couple of hours for the paste to dry before embossing but, wow! What a result.  

I was going to add a ton more stuff – doodling, mica powder, Inka Gold – but, in my mind, it really didn’t need it. It’s got a lot of dimension already and the gold is too beautiful to take away from it. 

I also videoed this one painting. I now have 2 videos I need to get edited and posted. I’m hoping to get time this weekend to get them up!

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