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Red Roses Canvas Materials

Today’s canvas was a big one. 16″ X 20″ which is the biggest I’ve ever painted.I usually work on smaller ones and the big journals I’ve been using were, up until now, the biggest art I’ve created. It’s exciting to be growing. However. There is a problem with using big canvases or, canvases in general (and not my journals). I’m running out of room to store them on my shelves! 

 And this isn’t even half of them! I have a whole box full of the smaller ones that are just sitting there, taking up space. 

So to solve this issue, it’s time to start selling them. I’ll be looking into scanning them so I can make prints and I’ll be putting the originals up on Etsy. I will post a link when I get that done. 

Anyways. Back to today’s art. Another fairy tale piece, this one, Alice in Wonderland. I do want to do an Alice portrait still, maybe tomorrow. 

Here is the link to the canvas.  

 I had a hard time getting a good picture without glare tonight. I’ll try again tomorrow but this just reminds me that I really need to pull out my good cameras to get better pictures to share.  

Materials Used:

  • Liquitex professional gesso
  • Golden gesso
  • Golden acrylic glazing liquid gloss (and suddenly I realize why I have so much glare on today’s canvas, sigh)
  • Golden acrylic paints: carbon black, quinacridone magenta
  • Liquitex alizarin Crimson
  • Liquitex professional ink quinacridone magenta
  • Faber-Castell Pitt pen
  • White Sharpie oil based paint pen


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