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Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Something happened. Something inside just, clicked. All of a sudden I feel like this? This is the art in supposed to be making. It’s messy. And chaotic. But it feels so right.

 I can’t get over how right it feels to make this. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love all the art I’ve been making and will continue to make the different things I do, but this? Is where I was headed all along I think.

 Today started with a simple concept. A blue and orange canvas. Easy, lovely colour contrast. But, umm, it grew.

   Started adding more and more layers of colours, flowers, and little doodles.
  Painted the centers of the flowers white with gesso and then doodled in the centers.

 To say I’m happy with the past few days of art is a major understatement.

 This is my happy spot.

Materials Used:

  • barcelona 12′ x 16″ canvas from deSerres
  • Neocolor II watersoluble wax pastels from deSerres
  • Liquitex professional gesso from Michaels
  • Liquitex basic acrylics from Michaels
    • titanium white
    • cadmium yellow light
    • cadmium orange
    • cadmium red light
    • brilliant yellow green
    • bright aqua green
    • light blue
  • Liquitex professional ink
    • turquoise (came from the free sample I received at deSerres)
    • quinacridone magenta from The Paint Spot
  • Faber-Castell brush Pitt pens from The Paint Spot
  • Golden series 1 from The Paint Spot
    • carbon black
    • manganese blue
  • Golden fluid acrylic sepia
  • Prima Finnabair Net & Wire Stamps

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