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Watercolour Sunset Materials

Today’s picture was an experiment in colour and techniques. All I know is that I wanted to make a sunset. And I wanted to do it in watercolour.  

 I put so much colour down and then soaked the page to make it flow. And then I did it again. I put so much water down I ended up needing to layer on some washi tape to reinforce the part in the middle (which became a peninsula so it worked out ok). This is just my mixed media journal, not a watercolour page so it wasn’t exactly the best book to do this technique in but I love how it turned out. Very flowy, and drippy, and streaky.

  And again with the Elegant Writer pens because it looks so cool. I added a lot of water to get the ink to flow so much. I love the way the colours flowed all together.  

 The washi tape was coloured over with Faber-Castell gelatos. 

The quotes turned out terrible so, forgive me, but I’m not showing those! 



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