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Charcoal Egg and Other Stuff Materials

Here is the link to today’s arting. 

I did more charcoal and, while the dark shading worked, I find myself looking at the highlights and thinking it could use more work.  

This was very straightforward. Generals 5B Charcoal in my 300 Series Strathmore 9″ X 12″ journal. 

The other stuff was a bit more complicated. I took a bookbinding basics class today, put on by a member of CBBAG (pronounced cabbage, which I think is too cute). We learned 2 basic stitches, pamphlet and a line stitch. We also learned a few different knots used and made a book cradle. This journal, is the end result of a full day of learning and making.   

 I made a few mistakes on it but I learned lots and can’t wait to make my next one. 

I also made myself a bracelet. I’ve been looking at a lot of handmade beads lately and it made me dig out my stash and make something (I’m a terrible crafter – I don’t make, I hoard). 

 Copper and lampworked beads.

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